Tuesday, August 31, 2010

YOG Opening Ceremony Fireworks

During the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) on 14 August 2010,we walked around the Esplanade Theater and saw

and heard their awesome beat boxing/singing and took a video of them but unfortunately, the video takes soooo long to upload ...

Then we went to the path beside the reservoir/sea where we could see the Floating Platform. We waited for a few hours to catch the fireworks in action.

There it was, just beside the Floating Platform. The Marina Bay Sands.

Instead of them being fired up all at once, there was a little here, a little there, a big one there, a big one here and a BIG one when the catroldon was lighted with the Olympic Flame. :)

The travel of the Olympic Flame.


This is my favourite photo.The moment when fireworks began shooting up in the sky when the catrodoln was lit.

So happy to be able to participate (sort of) in an event which Singapore would be known worldwide for being the first country to host the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. .. It's really incredible.

That's me in the photo, looking at the fireworks. 

The fireworks that were displayed were very big, they were just ejected out in the reservoir about a 1-3 km away. A lot of people were there trying to catch the view. Not to mention all those photographers which brought along their very own professional looking cameras with a tripod stand xD .  I wonder if they were able to capture the moment...

I am extremely proud of my country, my Singapore.


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