Thursday, January 13, 2011

A game

Got invited to a game of bowling at CSC


That was actually the first time where I was invited to an activity which was not one that required everyone's participation, like our class BBQ. Cool ^^

Lovely people they all are ^^

These are the 10 photos per second. Looks so cool! And funny! xD
We then went to Beauty World for pool!

And then we chatted/conversed about our choice of schools. T was persuading people to go to PJC. :} Everyone got into the topic and some even changed their minds about their first/second choices. Haha, this just made things even more confusing and frustrating.

A lot of us were planning to go to PJC. I guess this means that if I included PJC inside my choice and got accepted, there'll be quite a few familiar faces. :3

I'll be going to submit my choice tonight. But first, I have to decide which course would suit me. *sigh*

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