Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yes yes yes!!

Got my O level results yesterday.

I am pleased with it ^^

I came a hour early for the results collection. And I wandered about. =.= Nothing and (almost) no one to talk to!

Then came the time.

That's where I sat.

When we sat down in the hall and when the teacher was briefing us, I was sweating. I could feel my underarms being sticky. Haha, thank god I have no BO ... or do I?

Anyway, when they showed the Top 5,  I ... had this surge, thinking that I could be in it.
But alas, I wasn't. Defeated by E1 and my classmates. And did anyone realise that all the Top 5 were foreigners? Wow, Singaporeans are really being overpowered by them. Got to work hard now.

Just 1 point less and I could be in it. And have my name displayed... *sigh* Still, I love my points ^^ Though to some it may be unlucky, cause it's 13 afterall. Thankfully it wasn't a Friday. Otherwise it'll be 13 on Friday. :D

Then after I collected my results, some people were still nervously waiting for it. Haha. Took this time to frame and ...

:D They said something along the lines of "Why are you taking this??!!!"

For memories sake of course.

Now onto the next step in my life. Choosing a new school.
I hope I can meet new friends who can accept me for who I am and how I look like.

I went to some teachers to talk to them. Amazed towards Mdm A, slighty sad to Mdm L, pleased as hell to Ms Y, gulity towards Mdm A and ... disappointed to Mrs G. I couldn't believe it. My humantites, the ones that I love, I received Bs. My favourite Geography, I got B3.

B3!!! And  Mrs Goh had already warned us before not to be complacent. I wasn't. But B3! I feel like I have disappointed her. Me who should have gotten an A for Geo. I can't believe that. I should have been stronger in that. Regret tastes salty. :(

My eyes got a little watery when we talked together. I'll surely miss her. Her lessons were always interesting no matter what. And what she told me made me quite happy.

"4E2 will always be my favourite class."

Love you Mrs Goh. Always.

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