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Review: The Gift of Love

Families come in many configurations, and every one is unique, made up of the personalities of each member. But the love that connects families is universal. Whether it is the love of parents for their children, the love between a husband and wife, the love between siblings, a love that transcends generations, or even the love for a family member never met, the family ties that bind us are the strongest and deepest emotional connections we experience. Families influence a person's development, how they treat others, and how they view life. In The Gift of Love, eight exceptional writers offer a variety of unique perspectives on what family love means and how it impacts our lives in ways profound and often surprising.

It seems that I am leaning towards short stories now, though I have no idea why.

Anyway, this book is really different from what I usually read. Take the previous review I've did, Inked. What a huge difference it was. I mean, just look at the cover! One looks so demure while the other just oozes sex appeal. One is contemporary romance, has a sweet and pleasant after-taste while the other is paranormal, with more action that that.

Okay, I am being distracted. Back to the review:

There are 8 stories inside this book. And I have already read one that made me fall in love with the author. The characters and the plot are way too cute! I won't be giving you the summary of all the stories because that would just be insane. Instead, I would choose a few to tell you.

First off is For the Love of Wendy. I had been surprised when I read this because I didn't know what type of book I'd picked up from the library; the blurb didn't help at all. Plus this was the first story and it had made me intrigued. Why?

Because the storyline goes like this:

Jack needed a wife for his daughter. And who better else than the one currently taking care of her. Just so this doesn't sound like those Mills and Boons books, it had not been forced at all. It was a willing decision on both parts. Now, the unique thing about this is that (because I seldom ... ok never read books which have that in it) Wendy (and I quote) " was a child who had suffered trauma while still in the womb, and as a result, her intellectual maturity would never match that of her peers. "  so it was like another door from the World of Books had opened for me.

The story was okay, just that it seemed to be a little fast on the love thingy but that may just well be because I'd skimmed through rather than read.

The next story I'll be featuring is Atticus gets a Mommy by Ann Christoper. Keenan wants Diana, and she him too. But there's a problem. Keenan is handicapped. That's to say he has no use of his legs. So he pushes Diana away. And there's that conflict. Diana doesn't want him to pull away, and that's why she has been pushing his buttons here and there, trying to make him confess his love to her.

I admire the way Diana could wait years for Keenan. I'm not sure I could be like her. But I don't like Keenan's way of dealing with that. His unwillingness to just accept that Diana wanted to be with him was making me a little irritated. Especially when he does the 'You are mine' tactic and then pushes away from her again. It was kinda frustrating until he moved past the blockage and tried to mend the bridge between them.

3 stars for this.
PS: Atticus is Keenan's monkey. Can you believe that?

The third one I'm featuring is the one that I'd mentioned on top. It's tittled Wolf Watcher's Diet. It's super duper cute, funny and plain heart warming. Especially when Luke and Ella interacted. I love it when they chatted with each other.

The plot goes like this:
Ella was 'accidentally' bitten by Luke, who was a werewolf. She shifted. And woke up still stuck in her wolf body. And so she needed Luke's help to make sure she shifts back to a human again. By losing weight. Something about the extra fat that Ella has. Cue laughing sounds.

This has to be the best story in this book. Love Ella and Luke ^__^ , though Ella had accepted her fate a little too easily. No questions, no what-the-hell?!!! moment that should have appeared.

Still, 4 out of 5 Stars for me.

Overall, it's a lovely book. Good enough to waste away your weekend time.

3.5 out of 5 for the entire packaging.

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