Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So many things has happened in this and the previous weeks.

For once, the Guitar Club has gone to RP's theater to practise our SYF songs. ^__^ The backstage was SO big! And tall! Like the ones in Moulin Rouge. I wonder how theater actresses and actors manage in this beautiful setting. Wow.

SYF is only 3 weeks away.

Much more could be improved on.
 I really hope all our efforts will not go to waste.

I want JJ to be proud of its very own Guitar Club.

With the release of our Project Work Question, everyone is hurriedly writing our drafts for that. Being marked, checked and marked again. My friends got As for PW. I want that for myself too.

Celebration of his 21st BD!!

Took some hilarious photos. xD We were somewhat cam-whoring. Lol.

And we went to Universal Studio for my 'interview' for a volunteering position. I thought I was going to be interviewed. So nervous!!
Then I found out that it was just a info session. . . >_> What the hell.

Last BUT not least:

Guitar Club's Performance on Stage!

Before the performance:


It was the second time I was performing on stage.
Not as nervous as I thought I would be. Probably cause I was in the last row. Haha!
 Cool ^^

And the week's not over yet!

Mada mada dane.

Wait and see, there's still more posts to come~!

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